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Our service modules

Modul 1
Design planning
Modul 2
Complete release planning with static pre-calculations
Modul 3
Complete constructive design including production drawings, parts lists, NC data, prepared ready for enquiry
Modul 4
Collection of offers for the final award by our client
Modul 5
Installation documents / documentation
Modul 6
Factory statics / testable statics

Optionally, by arrangement, we will be pleased to provide you with selective support for your project management and site supervision.

How are the services paid for?

According to expenditure and agreed hourly rate for designer and structural engineer. All technical staff are engineers or graduate engineers.
Digitised documents are free of charge. Paper printouts are determined in advance as a lump sum in the project according to quantity and effort. This applies to the assembly documents or the verifiable statics.
The time is listed by the week and by the minute. You receive a table with the times and activities of our employees. This means that you always have maximum transparency in terms of monitoring and cost situation.
We invoice you monthly, with a payment term of 10 days net.

Modul 1

Design planning
Born Planung u. Management GmbH & Co.KG

Modul 1

Design planning
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