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Modul 5

Modul 5
Installation documents / documentation

You will receive two complete sets of drawing documents from us for the smooth execution of the assembly by an assembler of your choice.

The package includes a drilling plan, position plan of the beams, screw plan, bracing plan, detailed drawings for the assembly of railings, fencing or accesses. Also included is the production drawing of each component.

Due to our high standards in the field of assembly documents, every fitter can assemble the steel construction without having to ask for much information. In addition, the fitter receives the contact details of the designer for possible queries. We will be happy to provide you with a sample template on request.

After completion, a summary package as documentation ready for handover.

Under normal conditions, this package is always to be seen in combination with package 3 and is required if we carry out the service of package 3 for you.

Modul 6

Factory statics / testable statics
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Modul 6

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